Punch-in for the rescue

Yesterday, I’ve watched a video by Joe Gilder – owner of HomeStudioCorner.com – on how to increase your workflow in Pro Tools, including all nifty shortcuts ‘n’stuff. A part of the video dealt with the Punch-In recording option.

Now what is punch-in doing? Well, when punch-in is active, Pro Tools is recording all the time. As a sound engineer, you can now quickly hit the record button while letting the performer perform, and adjust the bounds to the specific part afterwards. Since it’s recording all the time, you can even enlarge the part you’ve recorded.

Now how’s that useful for people like me only recording themselves. Well, with punch-in activated, Pro Tools even records during the pre- and post-roll. Now assume you wanna record a part not at once, but step by step. You set your bounds hit record and start playing during the pre-roll, to ensure you really hit the part. The problem about recording stuff in parts, is that you can get so popping sounds on the boundary. And since you only recorded the part you needed, you can’t easily fix that with crossfades, because you simply don’t have the audio material. If you’d had punch-in active, Pro Tools would have been recorded during the pre-roll, and you could have easily done a crossfade to blend the parts together.

And that’s just one possible scenario. During the last months of using Pro Tools, I had a lot of situations where I simply recorded not enough material for doing proper fades. Now I don’t turn out punch-in anymore, and therefore these days are (hopefully) over.

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