There’s something seriously wrong with GTR Solo

Quite some time ago, I bought Waves GTR Solo. It’s only $18, and offers a nice collection of virtual amps and effects.


First time I tried GTR Solo, I used the stand-alone application. I’ve got no AMP here currently, so I used this for jamming a little instead of a real amp. It worked really nice, offered some cool sounds and setups to play with. But after first trying to use this in Pro Tools, the application crashed. Reproducible.

These days, I thought it was a problem with my setup. But recently, due to totally unrelated problems, I re-setup my whole system. Fresh installation of windows ‘n’ stuff. So today I thought, I’d give it another try. Well, Pro Tools didn’t crash, but it used the full available CPU power (that is, all 4 cores showed 99% workload), and windows got so bouncy that I had to warmstart my PC.

I really don’t know what’s the problem with GTR Solo. I’ve a fairly potent PC (Intel Q6600, 2.4Ghz Quadcore), and no problems with other “big” plugins like Melodyne or Miroslav Philharmonik CE. And since the stand-alone versions running quite smoothly, I guess wave has something messed up with the rtas plugin or stuff like that.

It’s only 18 bucks, so it’s not that bad, but it’s annoying…

EDIT: Ok, I checked the waves site again. GTR Solo officially only supports Pro Tools 7 (I’m using 8 here). Maybe that’s the reason why it’s so cheap nowadays.

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One Response to There’s something seriously wrong with GTR Solo

  1. Paul says:

    Just found your post and I have the same problems with Pro Tools 9. It’s annoying because it sounds pretty good (and I own Eleven, POD Farm and a couple of other amp sims).

    Oh well…

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