Some Pro Tools Tips for Beginners / Some Further Reading

Well, I wouldn’t consider myself a pro right now. Honestly, I’m quite far away from that status. But I’ve made some avoidable mistakes when I began recording I’m quite aware of, and which are easy to avoid. So here are some basic tips, which taken in account, will result in a way better workflow.

Name Your Tracks Immediately

This is really crucial. Whenever you add a new track to your project, the first thing you should do is naming it. Pro Tools automatically names any audiofile using the tracks name. So if you don’t want to deal with thousands of files named like Audio01_07_05, name your tracks.

Keep your Project Clean

After you’re done with a session, delete any files you didn’t need. Do this by going to the region list, use a filter to find your newly recorded files (in order to efficiently use a filter, you should have already followed tip 1), select the unused files, right-click and select clean->delete.

First advantage is, that you’re keeping your hard drive clean. Second advantage is that it will be much easier for you to find the right files, when you need them. It really enhances our workflow and keeps you from browsing through hundreds of files to find the right take.

Use Playlists (Reasonable)

Pro Tools got a decent feature named playlists. You can select them by clicking on the “waveform” icon in the track and select playlists. It allows you to record several takes using only one audio track, and then comping together the best takes. Again, you should name the playlists before recording, to keep things clear. But mind the brackets! I’d do a reasonable amount of takes for any part. I, for myself, keep it at 5 takes. Comp the best resaults together, and in case I can’t find any good take for a single part, record that part again.

I have made the mistake to take 20 takes of a part, using the Pro Tools looprecording feature. Finding the best was nearly impossible and a lot of rehearing. So, keep it easy, limit your maximum numbers of takes at the beginning, and stop after you’ve recorded that amount. It will safe you a lot of time.

Further Reading

There are a lot of homerecording blogs on the web. Many of them from professionals. My favorite are Production Advice, Homestudio Corner and Key of Grey as well as the AIR User Blog. If you’re interested in homerecording, you should check them out. I’ve learned A LOT browsing through their archives.

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One Response to Some Pro Tools Tips for Beginners / Some Further Reading

  1. Unveiled Recording says:

    These are some GREAT tips for beginners. I know that these few things have saved me from many of recording nightmares in the past!

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