Status update / Soundcloud

Status Update

Yeah, it’s been a while. I didn’t have that much time to work on my music during the last weeks, and therefore didn’t have much to write about. But the project is still alive, and I’m close to finishing a new song. Where “close” is kinda relative. I’ve got to do 4 bars of a rhythm section, and redo a few bars of the solo. And I’ve got to do a lot of mixing, which could take quite some time. So expect anything between a week and a month for me to come back here.

Damn Soundcloud

In case anyone really reads this regularly, you probably know I use Soundcloud as my main page to upload any new previews. Generally, I like Soundcloud. It’s easy, well-arranged, nice looking, etc…

Well, when I checked my stats today, I realized I had 20 plays of No Other Way on April, 20. Which is quite a lot, considering I didn’t do any promotion and compared to the 1 or 2 plays a week I get normally. Sadly, to see where the track was linked, you have to subscribe to the pro plan, which is 250 euros a year. So I guess I’ll never find out, where those plays come from… :/

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