New Preview / Transcribing

New Preview: Emptiness

As promised last sunday, I’ve got a new preview available on my soundcloud account, listen to it right here:

Check out the lyrics on my DeviantArt account.

I put quite some effort into that vocals sound on the verse. First of all, I put some compression on the dry vocals, using the “radio” preset from Pro Tools. That is, high threshold (-28db), relatively high ratio (100:1), and relatively short attack and release (300 um resp. 10ms). If you don’t know these terms, checkout the compression tutorial by

Further, I’ve put an equalizer on the sound to generate the so-called “telephone vocals”. That is, a high/low pass filter at 100/10k Hz, and a boosting everything at about 1k Hz. Pro Tools has a 7-band eq preset for that sound, but I tweaked it a little to my own desires. Moreover, most howtos on telephone vocals suggest for the low pass filter to kick in at 5k Hz.

Last but not least, I used the free Izotope Vinyl plugin, to get that constant noise in the background.

The pain of transcribing

Well, I admit, I had forgotten what exactly played on No Other Way when I recorded it. So I had to grab my guitar and figure out the exact notes again, since I always wanted to re-record at least some of the parts (and work out serious vocal line).

So just some advice for everyone’s running a homerecording project: transcribe immediately. It saves a lot of time, and it’s not comparable to a “real” band, where you probably rehearse your songs every week. TuxGuitar is a very good, free tool for that purpose. Just btw.

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