The unpleasant stuff

Current state

Well, just a quick update, because I didn’t post anything for so long. I’m still working on a new song called “Emptiness”. Anyhow, it’s sadly still not in any presentable state. Moreover, the lyrics aren’t complete yet. There’s one line missing for the first verse to fit the music, and it just won’t come to my mind… :/

Scheduling / Practicing / Webpage

Further, I began scheduling. That is, every day I’ve some fixed dates for unpleasant stuff (like homepage programming/designing), practicing or songwriting/recording. That way, I will hopefully make more constant progress in all of these aspects. Today, for example,  I’ve finally made some progress in terms of homepage-design. You may have a look at the current wip-snapshot here. It’s still pretty basic though, with lots of placeholder content.

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