I’m back


Yeah, after ten very long weeks, I’m finally back at home. That includes constant access to my instruments as well as the internet, so expect me to update this blog more frequently again. I’ve already started recording again, but did not yet produce anything presentable. Won’t take that long until I post some new previews, though.

New stuff

Sadly, my Pro Tools 8 M-Powered has not yet arrived, so I’m still stuck with the stripped down Essentials version. But I expect the packet to be delivered within the next week.

Moreover, I’ve ordered some headphones, namely the Shure SRH 440. Price point 84 EUR. Quite affordable in my opinion, and at least I won’t have to rely on my crappy 10 EUR headset anymore.

And, last but not least, I’ve spontaneously bought the Concerto Piano Structure Kit from the AIR user blog. Why? Because it’s (relatively) cheap (10 GBP) and I love Pianos. Gotta incorporate some into my next songs I guess.

Other stuff

I’ve set up an apache server and installed Python 2.7 on my home computer recently, which means I can start designing and programming my website now. Anyway, that includes learning html and python again, which isn’t the funniest thing to do, hence it could take some time until I get some results. But a homepage has very low priority at the current state of the project anyways.

Moreover, I started designing a writing of “Wake up Call!” for use in signatures and on potential album covers. Which means I first penciled it on paper, redraw the final layout with a pen, removed all the redundant lines, scanned the image and reworked it with paint.net. Have a look at its current state (took me 1h15 to get there):

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