Drawing the line / unpleasant hiatus

Drawing the line

After re-doing the vocals of “No Other Way” several times, I’ve decided to draw the line and declare the song as “finished for now”, whereas “for now” means, that I’ll probably redo the vocals once I’ve got a little better in terms of singing. But the current version is as good as possible right now. To listen to it, download it as mp3, ogg or flac directly from my homepage, or head to the last.fm page.

Unpleasant hiatus

It’s been a little silent this time. I haven’t abandoned this blog, but for the moment (that is, for the next 9 weeks), I have only occasional access to the internet, as well as to my instruments and recording software. For that reason, there’s little chance this blogs get’s some new entries until february 2011. 😦

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