Progress, second leg and web 2.0


I’ve been a little quit, but I’m still making progress. The current preview of “No other way” can be found on my newly registered Soundcloud account (ogg), vocals are still crappy, but I’m working on it. I share a flat with three other people, and I simply can’t work on those vocals while someone is in listening range (which is a common problem, and is not in any way related to stage fright 🙂 ).

Also, I showcased my song for the first time on a public musicians board, and the reviews were quite supportive and very motivating 🙂


“Liedermacher” is the german term for singer-songwriter. The last two days, I started writing some acoustic songs, which unlike the songs I write under the name “Wake up call!” I can perform on stage. Just me and a guitar. They’re in german, pretty unpolished and not supposed to be something one’s listening too at home. Anyway, if anyone’s interested, here are some “one-shot” takes of the two songs I wrote.


Nur mal…

Web 2.0

I’ve began building up a little Web 2.0 network. I’ve registered the doman (which is still empty) as well as some Facebook page which will get some content as soon as I’ve got my first song in a releaseable state.

Also, I’ve registered a Twitter Account, where I will post on blog updates and any news related to Wake up Call!. So if you’re interested in this blog or in my music, and have a Twitter account, feel free to follow me.

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