More on Vocals – Effects

Yeah! Surprise, surprise! You can actually enhance crappy vocals, by digitally adding some effects. But, like any other stuff, you have to know what, and how. I was actually quite productive last week. Recorded quite some vocals, and started a new song which popped into my brain sometimes in the early afternoon, and was ready for recording in the evening.

But back on the effects: on the first song, I tried some chorus effects. Compare

Sample 1 – no chorus and Sample 2 – chorus at 0:22 to 0:35

I think the difference is obvious. Please ignore the end at sample 2, you might give it a listen if you want to, but it’s far away from finnished or in any way polished.

The second effect I gave a try is reverb. Also, take the time to listen to the whole song. I tried to do some kind of fragile singing. And, more or less, I failed. Anyway, I like the melody, and the (not yet entirely flawless) solo at the end. The part featuring the reverb can be found at 2:05, here’s the sample: No other way(?) – Preview 2.

Keep on rockin’ 🙂

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