Getting a microphone

Writing music and being unable to record your songs completely is rather unsatisfying. So I’ve decided to get a microphone. Not having the faintest Idea about different types and techniques of microphones, I turned to a german music site to get some help what might be the best choice for me. The first answers I got were like: “For a good recording, you need a condenser microphone for at least 100EUR. Anything cheaper isn’t really cheap, but rather expensive crap”. A downside of condenser microphones is, that they need phantom power, which my interface doesn’t support, so I’d had to buy another device for about 20EUR. Together with a cable and one of the recommended microphones that would have already 150EUR to pay. Quite more than I expected.

Luckily, someone jumped in to tell me that considering my experiences, I’d be fine with a dynamic microphone too. And suggested me the EV Blue Raven, which does a quite good job in recording several instruments, ranging from vocals over guitars to drums and horn. E.g. this Song was recorded completely using the EV Blue Raven.

So in the end, I got that one. And my german music store of choice was so nice to sell the microphone bundled with an 6m XLR cable for no additional costs. I could tell you that I’m satisfied with the sound, but that wouldn’t have any value since I’ve nothing to compare…

Actually recording vocals

Maybe I should start wrapping my experience in singing: there is none.

My first try to sing was a little rap part for the previously featured untitled screamo project (which goes by the name “Wake up call” by now). I’ve gotta say, my respect for professional rap and hip hop artists drastically increased. Took me about 50 to 60 takes to actually sing the right words I had in mind. Took me about 30 to 40 more to make them sound at least not completely awful. That said, I’m not even closely satisfied. But on the other hand one’s probably never satisfied with his own voice.

So here’s a little sample, hf and rock on!

wake up call – vocals first try

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