About Me

Hi, I’m 26 years old, from germany, and currently a physics student and one step away from getting my diploma degree (which is the german equivalent to the international master degree) in physics. I always wanted to create something, so over the years I tried drawing, writing, photography, programming, composing music with psycle, and probably some stuff I can’t remember right now. Also, since about twelve year’s now, I’m playing the guitar. So after all this time, I’m going to try to record and produce my own songs as a one man studio band. And that’s what this blog will be about.

Equipment and Software

I’m a playing a Ibanez RG1570L MB, which gets hooked directly into a Fasttrack M-Audio USB Hub. As recording software I use the included Pro Tools Essential, which also provide a variety of MIDI Sequencers, such as drum sets, pianos, and other effects. I don’t have any voice recording equipment yet, but the Fasttrack HUB has an XLR jack which allows to connect a micro. For the composing part, I use (beside my guitar, for sure) mostly TuxGuitar to write down the guitar parts.


As mentioned before, I’m playing the guitar for about 12 years now. But I’ve never been really good, and at this moment I haven’t even touched it for about 2 years. I’ve played in a band for about a year, but couldn’t keep up with the other musicians. Also, we never left the rehearsal room (we’ve hit the studio for recording one song, though).

I can barely read notes. That is, if you give me a sheet of music, a pen, a paper, and a guitar, i can figure out how to play it. But it takes some time. My theoretical background is pretty weak. I attended guitar lessons sometime, which included a bit of theory, and I’ve learned some stuff by myself while I was playing in the band. But for now, songwriting is more like starting out with some chords, look up a fitting scale on, and try to figure out the rest of the song based on that scale.

At the moment I’d describe my guitarplaying as mediocre, but I hope that the ability to record and show off my ideas will provide me the necessary motivation to work a little bit harder on my playingskills. So there’s hopefully a progression in quality visible in the samples I’d like to provide here from time to time.


Well, that’s the hard part. I’m really into music and listen to a lot of different artists. How much they may have influenced me is pretty hard to tell. Even harder since I didn’t even record anything at the time writing this post. So let’s keep to what I’m listening too a lot for now. Which one of those artists may have influenced me, might be clearer some time later.

First of all, I’m really into piano driven music. One might say that Tori Amos is and will be my most favourite artist ever. Also The Fray and Emily Richards are pretty high on my top list. I also love progressive metal, especially Pain of Salvation and Dream Theater. Further more, I’m into atmospheric rock like Anathema or Kent, post-rock, like Long Distance Calling, and “Hamburger Schule”, like Selig. Also mentionable might be Metallica and In Flames, to which I’ve listened a lot when I was younger. I could go on endlessly, but I think that’s enough for now to give you a rough image.

This blog

So you might have asked yourself: “Well, nice that he’s telling me all that stuff, but what the hell is this blog about?!”. To answer the question, this blog is about making music on a non-professional level. I’m going to post my experiences with Pro Tools, or any other software I might switch to at some point. Will post samples and demos of unfinished songs, to give some insight into the process of composing and recording, and last but not least will use this to document my own progression as a musician/producer/composer.

So this might become a comprehensive source for anyone who’s actually thinking about making music on his own.

Keep on rocking 🙂

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